Telehandler, v2

IMG_2650I was not really happy with the first version of my telehandler, the design was nice but it performed quite badly, especially the weak propulsion and poor suspension. For some reason the tires almost tore off the axles when it drove a meter or so and it looked like the suspension was really weak, which it wasn’t.

With the Grand Prix Racer (42000) set a new suspension system was introduced. I decided to have another go at building a Telehandler. I tried to keep the design as far as possible but reworked the entire chassis and used a PF L-motor for propulsion and the PF Servo for steering.

The improvements:

  • Stronger motor for propulsion
  • The chassis is two studs thinner
  • Completely reworked suspension
  • Almost twice as long telescopic boom

Here is a specific blog entry regarding the suspension.


  • 4WD, PF L-motor
  • 4 wheel steering, PF Servo Motor
  • Boom life, L-motor
  • Telescopic boom, M-motor
  • Bucket tilt, M-motor
  • Quick coupler
  • Pendular rear axle


I am really proud about how small but still robust I could make the chassis. In the picture you can see the entire chassis housing:

  • 2x PF L-motor
  • 1x PF M-motor
  • 1x PF Servo motor
  • 1x Battery Pack
  • 3x PF IR Receivers

However, It performed almost worse than the first version and I can’t get why. The tires do everything they can to rip apart which in turn affects the steering and propulsion. I am almost in doubt whether it is possible to build a 4 wheel driven and steered chassis with pendular suspension..

More pictures are available in the youtube clip.


Dump trailer


A model of a dump trailer designed to use with my Lego tractor.


Another autovalve

Not the best or most optimal, but might be useful in some scenarios.




The challenge

  • Incorporate 5 motorized and remote controlled functions in a 1:14.5 scale model.
  • Make the rear axle pendular while steered and driven

Video below.


Bogie v2


Reinforced version of my earlier bogie for heavy duty vehicles. Used in my Forester. Inventory and building instructions in video below.

Tractor v2


Video below.

Objective: Reinforce chassis and mechanics of my  previous tractor without interfering with scale or design.

It could unfortunately not be done without removing the front wheel drive and thus make it 2WD. However it did become a lot stronger and it slips easily on most surfaces.

Still, making a conventional tractor with pendular suspension, three point hitch and and PTO is truly hard without interfering with the design, it is simply very little “volume” available to hide everything. Also, the model can only be as big as the biggest wheels available will allow. Below you can see the final chassis housing 2 XL motor, 1 M-motor, 1 servomotor, 2 IR Receiver, a battery pack and 1.4m of wire.