Volvo L350F front loader


A motorized RC model of a Volvo L350F front loader.

Video below.

The challenge

Construct a fast, strong and robust wheel loader still small enough to use the Lego 32030 bucket.


  • Propulsion: 4WD (PF XL motor)
  • Steering: Articulated (2x Mini LA with PF M motor)
  • Transmission: Mechanical
  • Lift capacity: >500 g
  • Scale: 1:27
  • Length: 37 cm (without bucket)
  • Height: 18 cm
  • Width: 14 cm
  • Weight: 950 g

The main problem was to fit the liftarm between the front wheels and still make the model less or equally wide as the bucket (140 mm).


The very core of the chassis. The frame houses the rear differential and is pendular. The U-joint for the drive trains spins as fast as the motor which greatly reduces the torque.

I am very happy with the sort of “V-shaped” drive train for the mini linear actuators used for the frame (articulated) steering. All-in all I managed to hide
- 1x PF XL motor
- 1x PF L motor
- 2x PF M motor
- 2x PF IR receivers
- 1x PF Battery box (the large on)

..in a chassis only marginally larger than the Lego 8265 set. The only things that slips under torque is the linear actuators. The drive train can bare the torque until the XL motor stalls.IMG_1577

The front part of the chassis. It had to be very narrow in order to let the liftarm fit between the front wheels. The PF L motor has barely enough torque to engage the clutches on the actuators.


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