Simple rotating platform

A very simple rotating platform for showing of your MOC:s. The motor is attached to the Lego brick housing a worm gear driving a 24 cog gear. Complete with a easily removable battery pack. The platform typically needs to be customized to the object it is supposed to rotate.


Bogie for heavy duty vehicles

A bogie largely inspired by the one used by dhc6twinotter in his MOC http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=64863&st=0

I was in need for a bogie for an upcoming MOC of mine and found the thread above. To better fit my needs I reduced the wheelbase by 4 L and also (I think) made it at least 1 L thinner. Including the turntable, it is 5 L thick.

Playing with the MOC:s

Me and a friend took our Lego creations out in the forest for a spin. Enjoy Ler 

Tractor (Case IH Magnum)


Raised on a farm, I guess I had to build a Lego Tractor MOC. To start with I looked around, primarly on Youtube to get inspiration. Actually there weren’t many good Tractor MOC:s out there, especially conventional tractors (those with bigger rear wheels).

My objectives for the MOC was: