Tractor v2


Video below.

Objective: Reinforce chassis and mechanics of my  previous tractor without interfering with scale or design.

It could unfortunately not be done without removing the front wheel drive and thus make it 2WD. However it did become a lot stronger and it slips easily on most surfaces.

Still, making a conventional tractor with pendular suspension, three point hitch and and PTO is truly hard without interfering with the design, it is simply very little “volume” available to hide everything. Also, the model can only be as big as the biggest wheels available will allow. Below you can see the final chassis housing 2 XL motor, 1 M-motor, 1 servomotor, 2 IR Receiver, a battery pack and 1.4m of wire.



The chain, worm gear and clutch gear is for lifting the three pint hitch. The M-motor for the PTO will be placed right above the yellow bevel gear.


The linkage for the threepoint hitch is made authentic to a real tractor.



Notice the bigger right armrest with display and a tunable button on the side for hitch.


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