Dump trailer


A model of a dump trailer designed to use with my Lego tractor.


  • Bogie with pendular suspension
  • Bed lifted by PTO shaft
  • Lockable Tailgate (unlocks when bed is raised)


The tailgate lock mechanism. When the bed is raised, the rear of the bed is actually moving towards the ground and the rear 4x2 beams in the picture is pushed down at a certain stage. When the bed is lowered again, the “axle and pin connector, perpendicular” in the middle of the picture grabs a part of the chassis and pushes the 4x2 beams back.


The bogie needed some work to be reinforced enough to handle stress when the trailer is turned (which requires the tires to slip). The bogie is up side down in the picture for better visibility.


The complete chassis.


The telescopic PTO shaft. Design by madoca1977.

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