Skid steer loader

IMG_4755A model of a generic tracked skid steer loader. Video below.


Propulsion: 2x XL-motors (one per track)
Steering: Skid steer
Boom lift:1x XL-motor driving 2 (4) linear acuators
Bucket tilt: 2x M-motors.
Lifting capacity: 0,54 kg

After weeks of endlessly trying to fit everything in a way to small volume of my upcoming tractor I decided to take a break and build something big and dirty where space wouldn’t be an issue. Choosing a skid steer loader was perfect, simple construction but still very versatile. I started out with the tracks from the 8043 set to find a good scale and looked at some various skid steers.

The building process was lovely, everything just fitted together like never before and I completed it in just a few days. Its of course very simple, but I like the “raw” look.



I had to connect two linear actuators in a series to get a good balance between length of stroke and lever effect, and also lifting power.


The two M-motors seen in the picture works together to tilt the bucket through a worm gear turning a beam (the black ones) connected with the attachment bracket through a brace. As you can see from the picture, all weight is in the back giving it weight distribution very alike the real ones. Without a bucket attached, it easily does a “wheelie” when going forward.


As you can see I used the same attachment bracket as earlier, so I can now switch appliances (currently bucket and forks) with my wheel loader. The yellow beam in the picture is just about to grab hold of the forks.



Good lifting height. And also quite strong. In the video below you can see it lifting 5.4 kilogram.


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