Tractor (Case IH Magnum)


Raised on a farm, I guess I had to build a Lego Tractor MOC. To start with I looked around, primarly on Youtube to get inspiration. Actually there weren’t many good Tractor MOC:s out there, especially conventional tractors (those with bigger rear wheels).

My objectives for the MOC was:

  • “Conventional”
  • 4WD
  • Steered front axle with pendular suspension
  • Three point hitch
  • PTO (Power Take Out)
  • Correct scale and proportions

Most other tractor MOC:s primarly lacks my last objective, typically the wheels are way to small in respect to height and length. This is perhaps due to the fact that it is, even when using the biggest Lego wheels available, there is still not so much room fitting all the motors and gears. Basically the only space where you can fit stuff is underneath the cabin floor. I had to rebuild the chassis at least seven times before I could fit anything in a small enought structure, that was still reasonable stable.


The very core of the chassis. The gear in the picture drives the rear differential. The studfull beams turned upside down is used to attach a M-motor each thus halway underneath the rear axis.


The main body with all four M-motors. The bevel gears together with the worm gear controls the three-point hitch. The motor underneath the chair is for the PTO. The motor in the front is for steering.


The chassis with the pendular front axle seen from underneath. As you can see a middle differential is used to solve the speed problem related to wheels of different size.


The final construction, now I just had to make two or three Bricklink orders to get everything in the right color!


Continuosly improving the constructions meant regularly bringing it back to the “garage”. To simplify this procedure I bought the Lego Flatbed Truck set.


The cabin. Notice the big right armrest representing the command panel and display found on modern large tractors.

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